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About Us

Who We Are

DeFi Africa is a unified community born out of the need to advance the vision and knowledge of decentralized finance related technologies in Africa. A place where enthusiasts and talented professionals connect, communicate and collaborate to serve the needs of the DeFi ecosystem in Africa. Head Quarters in Ghana, the aim of the Association is to make Blockchain more accessible and comprehensive to all people, while creating opportunity and establishing industry standards for a thriving Blockchain ecosystem in the continent.

Mission and purpose of DeFi Africa

The mission of DeFi Africa is connecting and promoting the Africa Blockchain Ecosystem, amongst itself and with other stakeholders.

We aim to build a formidable African network of blockchain enthusiasts, attain mainstream adoption of DeFi , with improved services and resources based on the spectrums of blockchain technology.

In particular, we pursue our mission through the following 6 activities:

  1. Organizing of educational and networking events.
  2. Organization of workshops, expert roundtables and working groups to initiate and explore research and development of new DeFi protocols, systems, products, services and use cases.
  3. Promote the African Blockchain ecosystem through our website and other online-channels.
  4. Education through events, publications and (public) discussions.
  5. Supporting public institutions in creating optimal conditions for the Blockchain adoption.
  6. Collaboration with, and support of other organizations pursuing similar interests.