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About us

Who We Are

Passionate leaders

Driving The Success Of Decentralized Finance!

 DeFi Africa is a non-profit impact organization aimed at making Decentralized Finance (DeFi) more accessible and comprehensive to all people, while creating an opportunity and establishing industry standards for a thriving DeFi ecosystem in Africa. We represent an African community of innovators, collaborators, and investors excited about the promise of DeFi-related technologies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to:

1. Supports, educates, colloborators and advances DeFi adoption in Africa.
2. Establishes an African hub for DeFi/blockchain innovations, adoption and application.
3. Supports and connects entrepreneurs with useful resources

What We Do

Meaningful Action

Working Together For Africa

We work alongside our members, partners and supporters to prioritize issues that impact the DeFi industry and to create a powerful collective voice for the blockchain technology industry in Africa and beyond.

How We Do It

Consistent And Actionable Initiatives

Community Building

Bringing blockchain enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds together, and uniting them to support the acceleration of Africans in blockchain education, adoption, and application.


Hosting of meetups, workshops, expert roundtables, and working groups to upskill, initiate, and explore research and development of protocols, systems, products, services, and use cases around blockchain.


Collaborating with and supporting DeFi companies or other organizations pursuing similar interests or willing to expand their horizons to include Africa.


Producing exciting publications to share trends, resources, and services within the blockchain and DeFi ecosystems.

Our Values


We understand the value of trusted relationships at all levels of the DeFi ecosystem, and strive to earn and keep the trust of all those with whom we interact.


We are transparent in our dealings and protect personal privacy. We look for the same in those with whom we work.


We believe in the strength of enthusiastic cooperation and work to foster collaboration within our ecosystem and the wider community.


We are honest in everything we do and take great care to maintain our reputation within our organization and in our dealings with others.

Innovation & Quality

We strive to be innovative in our work and to catalyze and support innovation in our ecosystem and the wider DeFi community. We are committed to achieve highest quality.


We believe Blockchain technology & DeFi should serve a useful and necessary commercial or social purpose in Africa.