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DeFi africa Overview

Led by a dedicated team, DeFi Africa is a not-for-profit organization with the aim of advancing the knowledge, adoption and application of decentralized finance related technologies in Africa.

This is a place where enthusiasts and talented professionals connect, communicate and collaborate to serve the needs of the DeFi ecosystem in Africa. Head Quarters in Ghana, the aim of the Association is to make DeFi more accessible and comprehensive to all people, while creating opportunity and establishing industry standards for a thriving the DeFi ecosystem in the continent.



The DeFi Africa was established in 2019 as a telegram community based group to support and grow the Decentralized Finance and blockchain community in Africa.

In order to better achieve its objectives, the team decided in 2020 to become a “for-impact organization” that will engage in several other initiatives other than community.

The new vision, mission, brand and website was launched in February 2020. Some activities were also added to our previous community building activity.


Vision and Mission

It’s time for transformation in Africa’s digital technology industry – and DeFi Africa believes that DeFi has a strong role to play in overcoming the financial and digital disparities playing a major role in holding Africa back from the world’s financial technology innovation.

We aim to build an African DeFi hub for accelerating the knowledge, adoption, innovation and application of DeFi-related technologies or services in Africa, in order to boost Africa’s financial system based on the spectrums of blockchain technology.

We Pursue Our Mission Through The Following


Bringing blockchain enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds together, and uniting them to support the acceleration of Africans in blockchain education, adoption and application


Educate members through meetups, workshops, expert roundtables and working groups to initiate and explore research and development of new DeFi protocols, systems, products, services and use cases


We collaborate with and support DeFi companies or other organizations pursuing similar interests or willing to promote their services in Africa

DeFi Blog

We produce exciting publications to share trends, resources and services within the blockchain ecosystem and create a long-term interest in the minds of our future and actual members.

If any of the above topics sound like a passion of yours, we want to hear from you.  If you are interested in being involved with, or otherwise assist or support, any of the above passion projects, we would sincerely appreciate it if you could please email team@defiafrica.net with your expression of interest, and the relevant team member(s) will contact you.

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