CryptoLocally (GIV) Ambassador Program

As the first fully decentralised P2P trading platform, CryptoLocally users have been the backbone of their community. Since cryptolocally wants to keep their supporters involved and incentivize them for their great contributions, they have decided to launch the “CryptoLocally Ambassador Program“.

Cryptolocally is a non-custodial, smart contract powered P2P trading platform and fiat gateway to DeFi. The main goal of the platform is to empower all people with the tools to take control of their financial future. Through CryptoLocally, DeFi will gain mass adoption. The first decentralized p2p cryptocurrency trading platform, where decisions are taken by its users through the GIVernance initiative. Find More About CryptoLocally:

Get involved and be part of a great adventure. Signup to become a CryptoLocally Ambassador today, gain experience and monthly rewards for being part of the team. Your skills, connections and ideas will help the platform reach the next level!

How to start? Very simple:

Once you submit the form, the team will get in touch and discuss how they can cooperate with you.

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