DeFi Africa Announces Its Outreach Partnership With Zubi For LETCON

DeFi Africa is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Zubi for their upcoming conference (known as LETCON).

Zubi is organizing a free online conference called LETCON which stands for “Leaders of Emerging Technologies Conference“. LETCON will be a 3-day immersive virtual event on Emerging Technologies including Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum Computing. It will contain talks, workshops, and panel discussions from industry stalwarts. The conference is scheduled to take place from August 20 to August 22, 2020.

Zubi is a 21st-century Edtech company for Gen-Z to leap into a journey of emerging technologies like Blockchain, AI, Cyber Security, IoT, and many more. They are creating India’s largest Emerging Tech Ecosystem with the aim to lead the country in the Emerge-Tech Revolution.

DeFi Africa is dedicated to promoting the growth of Blockchain or Decentralized Finance protocols in Africa through community efforts. We evaluate blockchain related programs to identify the best ones to recommend to our members and Africans.

Today, DeFi Africa is excited to announce that we are supporting Zubi as a community/outreach partner for the upcoming LETCON. We’re excited that LETCON will provide an enormous opportunity for our members and Africans as a whole to learn about the most trending technological innovations of the time (blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things).

Knowledge is power! Zubi has already organized 25+ successful virtual events with over 350k impressions, 25k views and 3k hours of watch time. We are expecting 8000+ registrations for LETCON.

Register Now to Book Your PresenceGo to https://letcon.zubi.io for more information

DeFi Africa encourages all our members and non members within and outside Africa to get registered for this enlightening conference.