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November 20, 2021

Kempinski Hotel, Accra Ghana

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About Conference

#DeFiCon2021 is the first truly national blockchain and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Conference of content bringing together the industries brightest minds, game changing creators, investors & most disruptive businesses & startups for a one (1) day of networking, investing and education centered around around Blockchain, DeFi and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum etc.

An array of keynotes, panels, exhibitors and breakout sessions will deliver key insights into the world of blockchain and Decentralized Finance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together ecosystem influencers, entrepreneurs, investors, developers, tertiary students, policy makers and avid industry enthusiasts to educate, upskill, network and drive long-term thinking on the strategic benefits of blockchain for businesses, governments and the African society in a unique program featuring outstanding talks and workshops.

Attendees of #DeFiCon2021 will enjoy a number of unique topics not available at any other blockchain gathering in Ghana.


Crypto Exchanges




Regulation & Policy


We will update speakers soon, please stay tuned!

Join Our Community of Speakers

We welcome any application for talks or panel discussions. All selected speakers will have free access to DeFiCon2021


This event is for all blockchain stakeholders regardless of experience level or expertise. If you’re working in blockchain, for a government agency, a technology company, an investor group, or if you’re just interested in this new emerging technology, then this event is for you. Founders and industry definers ranging from CEOs, CIOs, CLOs, COOs, and CTOs will take the stage at DeFiCon2021. 

Bankers & financial Services

Blockchain is building new financial system and making banking more accessible and efficient.

Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

Discover all insights about blockchain trends and new ways of earning in this industry.

IT/Software Developers

Blockchain is transforming the digital world and helping IT experts build improved networks for companies. Are you a developer? find employers. 

Business Owners

Learn how to integrate blockchain into your business today and earn more.


Investors attend to find investment opportunities in Blockchain companies and to learn the new trend of investment

Government Agencies

Blockchain applications in the public sector can deliver real benefits for government clients

Why Attend?

We’re determined to make DeFiCon2021 one of our best conferences yet. The hurdles we’ve faced over the last year have prepared us to deliver a revolutionary program of speakers, workshops, and opportunities.

Crypto is not slowing down and neither are we. Be a part of the disruption and help transform the landscape as blockchain continues to gain eminence across the globe. Here’s what you can expect in 2021.

Keynote & Panel Discussions

Get access to important resources required to expand your imagination, insight, and understanding about the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, Dai etc.


Interact with industry-leading experts and connect with other crypto enthusiasts from diverse professions. Meet with potential partners, customers, investors, and advisors who can help your business flourish.

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Insightful workshop that will cover a variety of critical topics relevant to enterprise adoption of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, blockchain use case applications and more!


Watch an in-depth product presentations in the expo theater. Experience the practical use cases of blockchain applications showcased at the event.

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Kempinski Hotel Hall, Accra Ghana

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