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Introducing DeFi Nation Signals DAO and the $DSD Token – A novel opportunity for Crypto Investors


This writeup precisely runs through the magic behind the DeFi Nation Signal DAO and its DSD token, along with it roles in bootstrapping a community of advanced DeFi investors! Read to the end of the article, if you want to know more about getting involved.

Please note: this article is not an investment advice. Don’t contribute more than you can afford to lose and make your decision at your own risk.

Anybody paying attention to crypto for the last two months is aware of the recent DeFi bunces – Yield Farming or Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs), which have suddenly become one of the most lucrative investment opportunities for crypto investors! DeFi has reinvented the ICO rally in 2017 to these investment models that are currently attracting numerous investors who are eager to gain enormous profits in IDOs. Notable IDO programs that occurred recently include COMP, Ampl, YFI, BZRX, UMA, and MTA.

Do you want to take part in these opportunities? – Join DeFi Nation Signals DAO.

DeFi Nation Signals DAO is a private group for advanced DeFi users to get signals of the latest yield farming or IDO programs, before most people find out about them. This group contains DeFi founders, investors, users and fans that contribute valuable content for the benefit of every member of the group. Members of this group have the opportunity to access valuable IDOs, join pre-sales, earn initial airdrops and ecosystem rewards to those that provide resources to bootstrap the functions of the group. 

Access to DeFi Nation Signals DAO is granted by holding the DAO token (DSD). $DSD is an erc-20 token created to serve as the fuel for engaging a community of advanced DeFi users that are willing to lay hold of the enormous opportunities in DeFi.

DSD Token Details

How to Join DeFi Nation Signals DAO?

To join the DAO, follow the instructions below:

  1. You must have 100 DSD tokens in your Metamask compatible wallet on your computer. You can buy DSD token on uniswap via this link:
  2. Verify that you have the correct contract:
  3. Join the DeFi Nation community on Facebook or Telegram.
  4. Click to join the discord and type “!join” to verify your 100 DSD with the bot:
  5. Join the group, get the signals!

Conclusion – Why Buy the $DSD Token and Join DeFi Nation Signals DAO

The $DSD token has the capacity of reaching the moon within the near future considering its use case and token details. With only 50,000 total supply, 500 member cap for the DAO and 100 DSD membership requirement, users of the token have a good chance of securing significant advantage. 

Also, DeFi IDOs or Yield Farming have become the most lucrative way for crypto investors to raise capital and it’s part of the push for crypto trading and investing to migrate to decentralized services. Absolute decentralization is the need of the day, especially with the current declining trust in centralized exchanges (eg. coinbase) as regulators start to turn their attention to crypto. With this, the need for DeFi investment opportunities is gaining favor from investors. 

Thus, if you don’t want to miss this opportunities, join the DeFi Nation Signals DAO now and stand the chance of benefiting from this outlandish moment. Additional information can be found at

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