DeFi Africa 2nd Meetup

Recap of 2nd DeFi Africa Virtual Meetup

On June 11, DeFi Africa in collaboration with MakerDAO hosted the 2nd DeFi Africa Virtual Meetup. Here is a recap and video of the event.

The DeFi Africa Virtual Meetup was held on Zoom in an interview format. With Sahabia Yakubu (founder of DeFi Africa & MakerDAO Africa’s ambassador) as the moderator and Frisco D’Anconia (founding president of ABU) as the guest. The event focused on introducing our audience to Cryptocurrency & Decentralized Finance (DeFi) – how DeFi can disrupt traditional finance industry and bring opportunities to the African society

Several questions were thrown to the guest in order to address the topic. Below are the questions;

  • For how long have you been in the cryptocurrency space and why did you start?
  • Do you think cryptocurrency is more fascinating for people in the weaker economies?  (Africa,LATAM..) 
  • How is the usage of cryptocurrency differ between these economies and the first world countries?
  • What do you think about Stablecoins and DeFi in general?
  • Why do you think that they can be relevant for African region?
  • Have you heard in your experience about use cases of stablecoins and DeFi?
  • Which are in your opinion the main entry barriers for Africans to join DeFi or in general the cryptocurrency space?

Frisco’s answers to above questions explained the meaning of cryptocurrency and the future of DeFi in Africa. The virtual meetup was not just an interview and talks. We had a session for questions and answers from the audience.

Frisco explained how he has been living on cryptocurrency for many years now and the impact it has made on his life. He shared a lot of insights on the potentials and challenges of DeFi/cryptocurrency adoption in Africa.

We were particularly proud of the efforts to have more than 20 participants on the 2nd virtual meetup of the series, about a 50% increase over the first virtual meetup on May 7, 2020. 

You can watch the replay below;