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The generosity of our individual donors, partners, trusts and foundations is vital to the DeFi Africa community.

Your support helps us to broaden our initiatives or audiences and to work with relevant visionaries in the same field to elevate the impact of DeFi ideas around the region.

We would like to thank our supporters whose generosity and foresight enable us to expand and diversify our unique and innovative series of initiatives, education and outreach.

You can support our activities:

We will use the support for;

Help sponsor our events and initiatives to spur DeFi growth in the emerging economies of African nations.

  • In order to achieve our vision, we need support from every ecosystem builder. Those that understand that our goal plays a vital role in supporting people from developing areas to join and also benefit from the fruits of this amazing industry. 
  • Supporting us gives more awareness to the DeFi space in Africa and your commitment to advocating for more people in DeFi while helping secure and cover costs for our numerous initiatives, providing learning resources and tools to facilitate our events and programs across our several chapters.



Networks: Erc-20, Polygon, BSC, Arbitrum, & Optimism