Welcome to DeFi Africa
DFA advances DeFi growth In Africa By Providing Assistance, Education, And Opportunities To Collaborate On The Development, Implementation, And Use Of Web3 products in Africa.
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Our Mission
Creating a community that embodies DeFi growth, networking, mentorship, and visibility across all levels of the web3 space.
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Impacting Africans
Helping Africans to join the web3 bandwagon
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Connecting the world
We are the best web3 hub in Africa and also connect with international projects
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About Us

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering Africans to use DeFi.


To become the hub of innovation and growth for DeFi in Africa.


To create a community that embodies DeFi growth, networking, mentorship, and visibility across all levels of the web3 space.

Core Values

Team work, Community, Transparency, Leadership, Visibility, Integrity.

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DeFi Africa is building a diverse African community. We empower Africans in Web3 with tools, resources, education, and mentoring to succeed in the DeFi ecosystem. We are stronger together and use community power to achieve our vision. Founders, leads, and essential contributors can grow here.



DeFi Africa delivers cutting-edge web3 experiential learning. Our members learn to use, earn, and grow in web3 via our academy. We also provide educational activities, technical workshops, hackfests, and bootcamps to support members at all levels of the web3 ecosystem.

Bringing people together all over the world

DFA Annual Summit

DFA Annual Summit brings together general web3 enthusiasts to advance learning, adoption and community participation in Web3, helping DeFi prosper in Africa. Our yearly conference is tailored to both grassroots and veterans needs. We collaborate with other web3 platforms at our summit.

Partner with us!


We work in conjunction with projects and activities that aim to deliver solutions based on the broad usage of DeFi across Africa, and we provide assistance for the expansion of those initiatives and activities.

Our Membership

DeFi Africa is open to all. However, our membership is limited to those who want to learn about, partner with, or support DeFi Africa’s mission.

Why Join DeFi Africa?


Access our members-only Networking Portal and network with other web3 enthusiasts, professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors from across the world. Our platform provides direct access to web’s most innovative individuals and organizations.

Learn & Educate

Learn about the most innovative and exciting web3 projects with our Online Event Series, exclusive workshops, articles, and tutorials, and by attending our renowned annual DFA summit. Our members not only obtain knowledge, but also impart knowledge, speak at our events, and gain visibility.


Join DFA’s private working groups to discuss DeFi adoption, regulation, cyber security, technology, enterprise blockchain, and more, and help our community shape DeFi awareness, regulations, and innovations. We help members write white papers, promote academic courses, and give keynotes.

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Ways to Support Us

Donate to our Gitcoin Fund

Gitcoin funds technological initiatives with quadratic funding. This means that the more people donate to our campaign, the more money we raise. Donate to help us continue our work!

Spread the Word

When more people are aware of our organization, we are able to educate, engage, and advance a greater number of individuals into DeFi! Tweets about us are a great way to help us get the word out.

Connect with us

Please get in touch with us or put us in touch with web3 projects that are interested in supporting our educational activities so that we can collaborate with them at our forthcoming blockchain events.

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