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Africa's Hub For DeFi Innovation

We are a community with an educational and advocacy focus for the DeFi and blockchain ecosystem in Africa.

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Why We Exist:


We are committed to building out the African DeFi space as a diverse, dynamic industry of people. In addition, we aim to unite our community together across borders and geographic boundaries through the use of online platforms, to insight networking, brainstorming and learning. 


Through our initiatives such as GO DeFi: our blockchain education series, meetups, workshops, Fireside Chats with experts, we aim to increase educational opportunities in this space. Our events aims to curate the value of DeFi protocols, and specific applications of blockchain, encouraging discussion from a set of voices across the space.


We collaborate with and support DeFi projects or other organizations pursuing similar interests. We work closely with partners who are seeking to better understand and implement blockchain-based solutions in Africa.

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Member Benefits

We offer our members cutting-edge market and industry analysis, the latest trends in the ecosystem, exclusive events, and opportunities.


We provide groundbreaking training for our members. across a broad spectrum of topics. This includes access to relevant docs, workshops, and more.


We provide regularly scheduled in-person and virtual networking offerings, helping directly connect members with industry leaders and stakeholders.

Industry Analysis

Our members receive frequent analysis of industry trends, developments, and risks which could offer both opportunities and threats.

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