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About Us

DeFi Africa is a unified community born out of the need to advance the vision and knowledge of decentralized finance related technologies in Africa. We focus on how decentralized finance protocols – such as cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies – can lead to sound markets and the more efficient delivery of financial services in Africa. 

A place where passionate and talented professionals connect, communicate and collaborate to serve the needs of the DeFi ecosystem in Africa. Established in 2019, the aim of the Association is to make Blockchain more accessible and comprehensive to all people, while creating opportunity and establishing industry standards for a thriving Blockchain ecosystem.

Our Vision

We envision to attain a better African continent with improved financial services and resources based on the spectrums of transparency, security and efficiency.

Our Mission

To promote the awareness and adoption of decentralized finance in Africa through connecting developers, students, crypto enthusiasts and organizations, who wish to take part of the transition into the decentralized future, in order to foster knowledge sharing, testing, and development of impactful blockchain solutions.

The DeFi Africa goal is to encourage the responsible adoption of blockchain technology in Africa by individuals and organizations as a means to create innovation in service of all sectors of the economy. We aim to create that change through different channels and platforms:

Events & Workshops

We host comprehensive events and workshops to educate people about Decentralized Finance, and connect enthusiasts with leading developers and influencers within the DeFi space.

Research & advisory

We make effective researches on blockchain technology and its use cases. Advisory and consultancy on projects within Africa is our passion. 


We are building a community of like minded individuals with a common goal, working toward the advancement of Blockchain technology. 

Social media content

You want to keep updated, we are also on social media connecting like minded individuals, sharing knowledge about DeFi and promoting adoption.

Blogging & Newsletters

We produce online contents such as blogs and newsletters to share the knowledge of DeFi and create interest in the minds of Africans across the continent.

Innovation challenges

Africa has a lot of brilliant minds, we encourage the growth of those minds through innovative challenges on blockchain development

DeFi Africa is run by a large group of driven and talented people, who recognize the immense transformative potential of Decentralized Finance. Our team is made up of blockchain enthusiasts, creativity strategists, event planners ambitious volunteers, as well as our partners and members who are truly passionate about working together around a common purpose. DeFi Africa is not just an association. It embodies the new way of organizing, collaborating, educating, inspiring  and preparing individuals towards the future of business. 


DeFi is short for Decentralized Finance. Decentralized Finance includes digital assets, protocols,  smart contracts, and dApps built on a blockchain.

DeFi aims to create a financial system that’s open to everyone and minimizes one’s need to trust and rely on central authorities. Technologies like the internet, cryptography, and blockchain give us the tools to collectively build and control a financial system without the need for central authorities.

DeFi has the opportunity to bring about a more resilient and transparent financial system. Anyone with an internet connection is able to access and interact with smart contracts built on the Ethereum blockchain.


Membership is free for everyone. However, since DeFi Africa is a not for profit organization, we are primarily funded through our membership base, which supports the operating costs of the Association. Please feel free to send a membership request by filling up the following forms.

Our membership requires you to have the same mission and vision of advancing the knowledge and adoption of decentralized finance in Africa.

Be willing to support us achieve our goal in anyway possible including helping us organize events and training programs.

How do we create a community?

We thrive in the blockchain world because of our incredible members. DeFi Africa was built to gather like minded individuals with a common goal, working toward the advancement of Decentralized finance. We are a strong community that encourages networking and growth through connections.

Membership Benefits

Individual Benefits

  • Free entrance for all standard events
  • Exclusive members-only events
  • Become part of our global network of blockchain experts & promoters
  • Get discounted tickets to our training programs.
  • Connect with other developers, enthusiasts and industry players in DeFi ecosystem around the world
  • Access to exclusive DeFi Africa Membership Channel
  • Can post events and blogs on the DeFi Africa website

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Corporate Benefits

  • Visibility & Recognition
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Access to our community
  • Joint event hosting
  • Thought Leadership Collaboration & Advocacy
  • Ability to post information about your training classes, products, services, job openings, publications, presentations, and any other type of promotional material

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